This scheme is funded by tax money based on the public budget passed by Saxon State Parliament.


First move of the WCCD 2015
Drawing of lots
Holger Mende

7th round / 7. Runde

DSC 4030DSC 4031DSC 4034DSC 4037DSC 4038DSC 4039DSC 4040DSC 4042DSC 4045DSC 4047DSC 4050DSC 4052DSC 4053DSC 4055DSC 4057DSC 4058DSC 4060DSC 4061DSC 4064DSC 4066DSC 4067DSC 4068DSC 4072DSC 4073DSC 4079DSC 4082DSC 4084DSC 4086DSC 4087DSC 4088DSC 4089DSC 4091DSC 4092DSC 4095DSC 4096DSC 4097DSC 4098DSC 4100DSC 4102DSC 4103DSC 4104DSC 4105DSC 4107DSC 4110DSC 4113DSC 4115DSC 4127DSC 4128DSC 4129DSC 4132DSC 4133DSC 4134DSC 4137DSC 4139DSC 4141DSC 4142DSC 4146DSC 4147DSC 4149DSC 4151DSC 4152DSC 4155DSC 4163DSC 4167