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World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

4th FIDE World Chess Championship for People with Disabilities will take place online in November 2021

We are delighted to announce that the 4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities, organised by Dresdner Schachfestival e.V, will take place online, starting on the 4th until the 14th November, through the platform Tornelo.


Registrations are to be completed through, the regulations can be found here.


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Gens una sumus

1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2018 for the Disabled successfully finished

Pic3Seven rounds of a tense chess battle for the title of the Team Champion 2018 at the 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2018 for the Disabled came to its successful end. The championship was organized by Dresdner Schachfestival e.V. under the auspices of FIDE. It started on 14 October with 9 teams participating from 4 FIDE national federations.
IPCA Russia became the World Team Chess Champion for the Disabled 2018, followed by the Silver Medalists Deaf Poland Team. The bronze medal went to Niedersachsen of Germany.

The Organizing Committee Chairman Dr. Dirk Jordan traditionally opened the Round wishing all participants luck. The FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili was a special guest of the last round and made a ceremonial first move on Board 1. Deutschland Jugend team met the Team Hungary in the last round.

Deaf Poland Team has had a good tournament and managed to secure the second place in the championship.
The two youth teams participating in the competition: Youth Chess Team Russia and Deutschland Jugend showed a good performance against their adult opponents.
As the young chess players said it was a great experience for them to take part in the 1st edition of the World Chess Competition for the Disabled. 

Organizing Committee Chairman Dr. Dirk Jordan welcomed all participants of the competition. He expressed his thankfulness for the great performance and good atmosphere during the event.
He also thanked FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili for his time to attend the Closing Ceremony of the championship and invited him to the stage for his welcoming speech.
FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili welcomed all participants and organizers of the competition on behalf of the FIDE President and FIDE Presidential Board. He read the Welcoming Speech from the FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich. FIDE President thanked all participants and organizers for such a successful event. He also expressed his hope to meet up in one of the next events.
FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili underlined the warm atmosphere and optimism that he felt in the playing hall. He is sure this helps a lot to make an event a success.
Mayor of Dresden Dr. Peter Lames welcomed all participants as well as the FIDE Vice President Akaki Iasvhili. He underlined that for them it is a big honor that he attended the competition. He also expressed his thankfulness that FIDE President sent his warm congratulations to the participants and organizers. 
It was also remarkable that the ICCD treasurer Holger Mende attended the Closing Ceremony of the 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship for the Disabled. He shared with the plans of his organization and expressed his gratitude to the organizers who work hard to the benefit of the common goals. 
The Award Ceremony followed the official speeches. The Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists were awarded with medals.

IPCA Russia is the winner of the 1st World Team Chess Champions 2018 for the Disabled, Deaf Poland is the Silver medalist of the World Team Championship for the Disabled and  Niedersachsen of Germany the Bronze medalist of World Team Championship for the Disabled.

The best women team was awarded with a special prize as well – Russian Women Deaf. Mayor of Dresden Dr. Peter Lames awarded the women’s best team.

The Best Chess Players per board award followed the ceremony.
1 board – Marco Drewes of German Niedersachsen team
2 board – Dmitry Scerbin of IPCA Russia
3 board – Mariusz Cwiek of Deaf Poland
4 board – Ilia Lipilin of IPCA Russia
5 board – Maciej Szalko of Deaf Poland

Deutschland Jugend became the best junior team of the 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2018 in Dresden.

Two arbiters got IA and FA norms respectfully: Eckhart Stets and Karsten Wieland of Germany. 
FIDE Observer Thomas Luther announced the dates of the 2nd World Team Chess Championship 2020 which will take place in Dresden, Germany – 17 to 25 October 2020. He also congratulated all participants and winners on the conclusion of such a great championship and expressed his hope to meet up again in two years.

Pic1Pic2 Dr. Jordan opens the last roundPic4Pic5Pic6Pic7Pic8Pic9Pic10Pic11Pic12 1Pic12pic13Pic14Pic15Pic16Pic17Pic18

Organization Team 1st WTCD 2018

DSC 4666Team 1st WTCD 2018

FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili opens final round

At the beginning of the last round of the 1st World Team Chess Championship for Disabled DSC 4731 1st move by Akaki IashviliDr. Dirk Jordan welcomed the Vice President of FIDE Akaki Iashvili. 

Look at our Interview with Akaki Iashvili






DSC 4719 Deutschland Jugendteam WTCD 2018DSC 4727 Dr. Dirk Jordan welcomes Akaki IashviliDSC 4753 Andrey SkorobogatykhDSC 4756 Roman Pogoskin Danil KhayrullinDSC 4783 Thomas Luther Kema Goryaeva Akaki IashviliDSC 4797 Kema Goryaeva Akaki Iashvili


Partien der WTCD 2018 / Games WTCD 2018

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