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World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

Official Invitation and Regulations of the World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

Official FIDE logoIn accordance to the FIDE Handbook 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions Organization 11. the ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden is now publishing the official invitation and regulations for the World Team Championship for Disabled in 2018.

Please find the invitation and regulations under the following link:

pdf  Invitation and Regulations World Team Championship for Disabled

Errors and Omissions excepted.

GM Marcin Tazbir wins 3rd World Chess Championship for the Disabled

DSC 8885 Alle WeltmeisterThe final decision was only made during the last round. Marcin Tazbir (Poland IBCA 1) won with a tiny margin ahead of Oliver Mueller (Germany IBCA Team). Both of them ended on 6 points and Tazbir edged ahead with on more Buchholz point. Third place went to Alexey Pakhomov (Russia IBCA Team) on 5.5 with one Buchholz Point ahead of Raphael Zimmer (Germany IPCA). As the current Junior Chess Championship of the Physically Disabled Raphael showed great strength in Dresden as well.

Oliver Mueller obtained a direct IM title thanks to placing second. He was just as surpised as well as delighted about the title.

Best female player was Svetlana Gerasimova (Russia IPCA) with 4 points. She also gained a direct WIM title. Second place went to Olga Gerasimova (Russia ICCD) with 3.5 points, third place went to Ljubov Kireeva (Russia ICCD, 3.5 points) who also got awarded an WIM norm thanks to her performance.

Looking at the teams Poland IBCA 1 won ahead of Russia IBCA 1 and Russia IPCA 1.

The overall winners are also the winners of the Blind Category. Placing first within the Deaf Players was Artur Kevorkov (Germany) and Raphael Zimmer (Germany) won the Physically Disabled Category.

During the price giving ceremony Phillip Gardner (ICCD President) thanked the players for very fair games and also congratulated the organising team on putting together another great championship. After the prize giving the playing of the national anthems of the countries of the winning player marked the emotional climax of the ceremony. Dr Dirk Jordan (President of the ZMDI) wished everyone safe journey home and hopefully a return visit to Dresden for the 1st World Chess Team Championship for the Disabled (14th – 21th October 2018).


DSC 8748 Dr Dirk Jordan begrust die TeilnehmerDSC 8775 Medals WCCDDSC 8793 ICCD OfficialsDSC 8802 Siegerehrung Dank der Ungarn ICCDDSC 8803 Gebardendolmetscher Frau Mohrer und Frau RosigerDSC 8807 Sandor Konkoly ICCDDSC 8820 President IPCA Zbigniew PilimonDSC 8824 President ICCD Phillip GardnerDSC 8826 Warten auf den TitelDSC 8841a Sieger WCCD IBCA 2017 Oliver Muller Marcin Tazbir Alexey PakhomovDSC 8855 Sieger IPCADSC 8861 Sieger ICCDDSC 8864 Sieger DamenDSC 8866 Direct Title 2017DSC 8870 WIM Norm Ljubov KireevaDSC 8877 1. Team IBCA PolandDSC 8880 3.Platz Team IPCA Rusland DSC 8881 Team Weltmeister Polen IBCADSC 8882 2. Platz Team WCCDDSC 8909 Holger Mende Artur Kevorkov Raphael ZimmerDSC 8912 Best ICCD Artur KevorkovDSC 8914 3. ICCD Mate BalaszDSC 8918 Team ICCD HungaryP1220340 IA Norm fur Eckart Stets FA Norm Karsten Wieland

5th Round, 10th October 2017

The 5th round resulted in quite a few draws again and every full point was fought for. It is great to see that the final result is still from clear ahead of the rest day. Current leader Marcin Tazbir of Poland is only 0.5 point ahead of 8 other players on 4 points. Todays pictures will be dedicated to our 10 female players participating this year which is an increase compared to the 2015 tournament. Hopefully it will be possible to increase this number even further over the next years.


DSC 8139 Svetlana Gerasimove Russia IPCA DSC 8526 Ljubov Kireeva ICCD RussiaDSC 8527 Anna SErgeeva IPCA RussiaDSC 8531 Natalia Hamzovich ICCD BelarusDSC 8532 Alena Khmaryna ICCD IsraelDSC 8533 Rebeka Frumin IPCA IsraelDSC 8537 Manuela Mekus IPCA GermanyDSC 8539 WIM Marina Kaydanovich IPCA RussiaDSC 8546 WIM Olga Gerasimova ICCD RussiaDSC 8550 WCM Anna Stolarczyk IBCA Poland

6th Round - 12th October 2017

With almost a third of all of today's games ending in a draw the tournament remains exciting until the last day! Marcin Tazbir remains on the top of the leader board on 5.5. Both Oliver Mueller of Germany and Alexey Pakhomov of Russia are currently behind on 5 points. It has been an exciting tournament so far and it remains just this until the last day as the main decisions are still outstanding.

Our guest of honour welcoming everyone and making the first move was Ms Barbara Klepsch. She is the state minister for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. She even brushed up on her chess knowledge the night before and was very impressed with the tournament. Herself and her assistant spent quite some time walking amongst the players looking at their games. What an honour to have such high ranking officials amongst the supports of Chess for the Disabled here in Saxony!

DSC 8606 Gunther Kaden Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch Katrin Dresler DSC 8612 Gruswort von Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch DSC 8616 First move by State Minister of Social Affairs Barbara Klepsch DSC 8620 Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch an Brett 1 Viktor Varezhkin Ilia Lipilin DSC 8631 Katrin Dresler Prof. Dr. Jurgen Kluners DSC 8632 Ilia Lipilin IPCA Russia DSC 8634 Dr. Dirk Jordan Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch Yvonne Ledfus DSC 8639 Krzysztof Jurkiewicz Ljubov Kireeva DSC 8640 Krzysztof Checiak ICCD Poland Zoltan Raibl ICCD Hungary DSC 8641 Oldest player, Josef Hanio of Germany DSC 8646 Reinhold Rippberger IBCA Germany DSC 8650 Phillip Gardner sign interpreter Andrea Rosiger DSC 8662 Dieter Riegler und Volunteer Etienne Patzold DSC 8664 Frank Schellmann IBCA Germany Volunteer Maximilian Polishchuk DSC 8669 Tomasz Miozga IM Dmitrij Scerbin DSC 8672 Istvan Vojan Andrey Tersinsev DSC 8674 Yvonne Ledfus Dr. Dirk Jordan Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch DSC 8687 Tabellen und Ansetzungen in Rollstuhlfahrerhohe DSC 8601 Jarno Scheffner

4th Round - 9th October 2017

Unlike most rounds so far we had a total of 10 draws which of course is keeping the tournament interesting until the end. Most of the top seed players won their games. Tserenjav Tumenbayar of Mongolia, the current Asian Deaf Champion had a few issues getting here to Dresden but is now very much enjoying himself at the tournament. Despite being not rated he had a good round achieving a draw against Svetlana Gerasimova (ELO 1879) of Russia.

DSC 8417 Audietya Pamarthi India DSC 8419 IA Gerard de Lange Netherlands DSC 8427 IM Rasim Nizam Zbigniew Pilimon DSC 8431 Walter Goelles Austria DSC 8435 Erhard Hentzschel Germany DSC 8438 Guntram Ledfuss opening speech is translated in sign language DSC 8447 Gert Schulz Behindertenbeauftragter vom DSB DSC 8448 Dieter Riegler Steffi Arnhold DSC 8454 First move by Jamie Kenmure GM Marcin Tazbir IBCA Poland DSC 8456 FM Ruslan Draganov IBCA Russia DSC 8466IM Yuri Meshkov DSC 8469Viktor Varezhkin ICCD Russia DSC 8471 Krzysztof Checiak ICCD Poland DSC 8472 Jarno Scheffner Germany DSC 8476 Thomas Rudolf Ljubov Kireeva Andrey Tersinsev Marek Uzialko von links DSC 8493 CM Frank Schellmann DSC 8497 Marat Kozhamuratov IPCA Kasachstan DSC 8500 Maciej Szalko ICCD Poland