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World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 - Dresden

Egmont Pönisch: We have attracted a worldwide interest to chess for disabled.


7day-poenischEgmont Pönisch is the Chief Arbiter of the 2nd World Chess Championship for Disabled in Dresden. He is an International Arbiter and has gained an experience working in many local and international chess competitions.
We invited him to say few words about the organization of the chess festival in Dresden:

KG: Egmont, welcome to the Press Room of the championship. Please tell us few words about yourself. What do you do in German chess?

EP: I am happy to be here today. More than 40 years I have been working in chess. I started working as an Arbiter in competitions for children and youth. After the unification of Germany I also worked as an Arbiter in adult chess tournaments. I was working for the World Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden as Chief Arbiter of Side events. After that I started taking part in the competitions for disabled people. Since then I have gained a lot of experience.

KG: To your mind, was the championship a success? Have you and arbiters’ team meet any difficulties when organizing the event?7day-poenisch2

EP: Such an event can only be organized with a professional team where everyone takes a responsibility in different fields. I can guarantee that any player with any disability feels comfortable to play in the championship organized here. There are many people who make it happen.

KG: How does this kind of championship help in promoting chess amongst disabled chess players?

EP: It is a big opportunity that we can include disabled players into the chess scene. I think that not only in Saxony but everywhere other sport organizations envy us. We have attracted a worldwide interest for chess for disabled and for any inclusional event.

KG: Do you think it is a good promotion for Dresden city as well?

7day-poenisch3EP: Yes, nowadays we have a lot of people who come to Europe. It is important for us that we are open minded and we welcome people with different issues. I believe that this is a big promotion for Dresden as well.

KG: Thank you so much for your answers. I wish you all the best!


Here is Interview with Egmont Poenisch in German