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Frauenkirche Dresden, Church of Our Lady
Nigel Freeman

World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 - Dresden

Clarice Gunther: I like to help the organization


clariceWorld Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 in Dresden can be proud with many volunteers who are here to help the organization. They help physically disabled players, deaf and blind participants to have no discomfort and difficulties during the competition. Also, the volunteers are here to make the work of the organizers easier. Please meet: Clarice Günther and here is her Interview with Clarice in German.


UV: Here we are again at the 2nd World Chess Championship for Disabled in Dresden. I have Clarice Günther here with me, she is one of the volunteers. How did you actually end up getting involved in all of this?

CG: I already took part in the 1st World championship in 2013. It all started off at my school: One of the members of a club asked at my school whether someone would be interested in volunteering. So the teacher dealing with this approached me and from there it started off.

UV: Probably quite a jump as you probably didn’t really know what to expect, right?

CG: Well, I started off with the normal volunteer jobs such as being at the board with the players, filling out the forms. Over time I got more and more involved. I also volunteered at the Chess Summer in Dresden this year and the longer you have been involved the more of an insight you will get and understand more.

UV: It is good to get that insight especially with chess players having their own habits.

CG: Yes, true, but they are all very friendly people.

UV: Are you planning on staying involved and carrying on with volunteering?

CG: Yes, definitely. I have worked my way up already a little to get involved into the organisation so I am definitely looking to continue.

UV: So I guess we will see you again in 2017. Good luck!