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World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 - Dresden

Snehit Saraf: I am happy to be here


sarafSnehit Saraf is an Indian chess player who suffers from a serious physycal desease. He is 26 and travels for chess competitions with his parents. He also loves cricket but according to his parents’ words, chess is his passion. We invited his parents to our Press room to tell to the world about his son:

Interview with parents of Snehit Saraf


KG: Thank you so much for coming. Please tell us how and when did Sehit start playing chess?

Father: Actually there is no other way to make some activities for a disabled person like my son than playing chess. He started playing chess in 2002 and here are great conditions for disabled people to play a competition.

KG: Does he train chess alone?saraf2

Father: yes, he trains alone, we don’t have a coach.

KG: He has already taken part in the 1st World Chess Championship for Disabled two years back. How did he do then?

Father: Snehit got two points then. Now he is also playing well. Today for instance he plays against

KG: You are a mother of a chess player. How is it?

Mother: I am feeling happy now: my son is participating in the World championship. I am very proud of him.

KG: What is Snehit interested in apart from chess?

Father: He likes to listen to the music. Also, he is very much into cricket. He watches it on TV and follows the news about cricket in newspapers. Also he is doing the graduation in India. He will soon have a diploma.

KG: A lot of chess fans are following the World Chess Championship for Disabled. They send us messages and many of them are addressed to your son. They have a big respect to him, for he has gone through so many difficulties and has made such a long trip to Dresden to take part in a chess competition. Everyone feels his big love to chess. Let me wish to all of you health, luck and I hope that he will achieve good results in the championship.

Mother: thank you so much. On behalf of my son and myself, let me please express our gratitude to all organizers for making such a nice championship for disabled people. The organization is so nice. We are very happy for having this opportunity to be here.

KG: thank you so much for coming.