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First move of the WCCD 2015
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World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 - Dresden

Jarno Scheffner: I will be back in 2017 too


jarnoJarno Scheffner, a young shy chess player from Germany. We asked him to come to our press room. He was not talkative so much, but it was obvious he likes the chess festival a lot.

UV: So we are back at the 2nd World Chess Championship for Disabled here in Dresden and I now have Jarno Scheffner with who is a German player from the club in Nordhorn. Welcome and thanks for joining us. How did you end up getting into chess?

JS: My therapist got me interested into the game as it is good for me-

UV: That's great to hear. If I am informed correctly you won your match today?

JS: Yes, that's correct. I was playing one of the ladies of the Polish team.

UV: Are you enjoying it to be part of such an international event?

JS: Yes, it is great.

UV: Will you keep up with playing chess and will we see you again here in 2017?

JS: Yes, I will continue to play and plan to be back in 2017.

UV: Thanks again and good luck for your remaining matches.