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First move of the WCCD 2015
Holger Mende

World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 - Dresden

Round 4: women’s day at the Championship


First move by Bharat Singh Chief Executive Officer of the Indian Chess Federation Chairman FIDE Technical Commission - KopieWorld Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 Round 4 has finished today, on 21 October 2015 in Wyndham Garden Dresden Hotel.

The Chief Executive Officer of the All India Chess Federation, the Chaiman of Commonwealth Chess Association, the Deputy President of the Asian Chess Federation and the FIDE Technical Commission Chairman Bharat Singh was a distinguished guest of Round 4. He has made a first ceremonial move at Board 2: Egor Yamanov vs. Jerzy Strzekecki.

With nearly 400 elo point difference Miozga Tomasz (1995) of Poland could outplay his opponent Dmitrij Scerbin (2368) of Russia. Wirth Adam (1964) of Hungary won against his higher rated opponent Rustam Kasimov of Russia (2159). Flock Daniel of Germany (1867) could convert it to a win against Checiak Krzysztof from Poland (2102). Kaydanovich Marina of Russia outplayed her male opponent Rainer Hoffmann of Germany (2048). Mikhalionak Alena of Belarus, having 1617 elo rating, managed to make another draw against higher rated opponent – Viktor Strekalovski of Russia. An unrated Sookruus Heiki of Estonia won against a FIDE International Master Ferenc Frink of Hungary.

Generally female chess players had a successful round either winning or making a draw against stronger opponents.

Please see the results here: Round 4 results

The FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar started on 21 October in the Windham Garden Dresden. The Chief lecturer of the Seminar is Jurgen Kohlstadt, assistant lecturers were the Chief Arbiter of the championship Egmont Poenisch, Jamie Kenmure. There were 15 arbiters present at the Seminar.
The seminar will last for three days with the examination test at the end of it with a possibility to obtain a FIDE Arbiters’ Norm.

Tomorrow, on 22 October, Round 5 of the championship will be played.