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First move of the WCCD 2015
Flag bearers
Drawing of lots

World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

Dr. Dirk Jordan about the challenge to organize the 1st WTCD/Dr. Dirk Jordan über die Herausforderung die 1. WTCD zu organisieren

DSC 4617 Interwiew with Dr. Dirk JordanTake a look at the Interview with Dr. Dirk Jordan

Interview with Valeria Panina

IMG 0005Jamie Kenmure had the opportunity to interview Valeria Panina from the Russia Women Deaf Team. Read here how she came to chess and what she likes to do in here spare time:

Jamie Kenmure: Hi Valeria, thank you for taking the time to have this interview with me. Can you kindly tell me a little bit about yourself and how did you get into chess?

Valeria Panina: I am still attending school and next summer I will finish and plan to go to college to study to be a dental technician. I began chess at the age of 11.

JK: I see you are from Voronezh in Russia, how did you find out about this tournament and what do you think about the conditions, playing hall and the organisation?

VP: For me it’s the first time I have come to Dresden, Germany. I have liked it very much so far. The organization regarding the venue, conditions like hotel and food has been excellent.

JK: How long have you been playing chess for?

VP: I got involved at school through the chess club that we had. For me the chess club looked very interesting. I began learning the sport and then went into the club and started playing.

JK: Have you heard about the World Junior Championship for Disabled which has happened for the last 2 years in USA and would you be interested in playing in the USA in this tournament?

VP: I am definitely interested in playing in the World Junior Chess Championship for Disabled. I like to travel overseas and to meet new people. I want to know more about chess and challenge myself against strong opposition, against new people, to develop my skills further in chess. This is my first time playing overseas here in Dresden and it would be great to play in the USA.

JK: Finally, in your spare time what do you like to do?

VP: I love chess, volleyball and art. I am interested in many things as I am opened minded. It depends on how I feel at the time.

JK: Thank you very much for your time and good luck for the rest of tournament.

VP: Thank you very much.

3rd round 1st WTCD 2018

Some impressions from the 3rd round:

DSC 4482 Dr. Jordan begrusst Stephan Pohler Behindertenbeauftragter SachsensDSC 4492 1. Zug mit Stephan Pohler Behindertenbeauftragter Sachsens DSC 4496 Jerzy Strzelecki Poland DeafDSC 4500 Chief Arbiter Egmont PonischDSC 4501 Alexey Petrov Russia DeafDSC 4504 Ilia Lipilin IPCA RussiaDSC 4506 Dora Kajtar Team HungaryDSC 4508 Istvan Vojan Team HungaryDSC 4513 IM Andrei Obodchuk IPCA RussiaDSC 4515 IM Dmitrij Scerbin IPCA RussiaDSC 4516 Ljubov Kireeva Russia Women DeafDSC 4517 WIM Olga Gerasimova Russia Women DEafDSC 4518 Mariusz Cwiek Poland DeafDSC 4525 Team PolandDSC 4527 Uwe Ritter Team NiedersachsenDSC 4531 Sven Hagemann Team NiedersachsenDSC 4534 Valeria Panina Russia Women DeafDSC 4538 Stefan Krause Danil KhayrullinDSC 4539 Stefan Krause DGSV 1920 eDSC 4542 Viktoria Cseke Hungary

Report from round 1 - 3

Three rounds of the 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship for the Disabled 2018 have been played by the chess players of nine combined teams.
Good start of the IPCA Russian team in the first round, with 4-0 result against their compatriots from the Russian Women Deaf team was one of the best results during the played rounds of the team competition. German DGSV 1920 e.V. and Russia Deaf could not decide who is stronger in Round 1 and finished with 2 – 2 result. Niedersachsen outplayed their younger compatriots from Deutschland Jugend with 3.5 – 0.5. The young Linus Koll with 1976 managed to make a draw against stronger Sven Hagemann from the opponents’ team.
The second round was not very successful for IPCA Russia: former World Champion for the Disabled Andrei Obodchuk lost to his opponent from Niedersachsen Marco Drewes and there was a team draw scored
Polish deaf team had the best performance in Round 2 with 3.5 – 0.5 against Youth Chess Team Russia. It is worth to mention herewith that Youth Chess Team Russia is presented only with two female players. But the organizers have decided to add two more players from the volunteering chess players from Germany to complete the team and to let players from Russia participate in the event.
In the third round Niedersachsen was not lucky and lost to the Deaf Poland team 0.5 – 3.5 with only one draw Jerzy Strzelecki vs Marco Drewes. DGSV 1920 e.V. and IPCA Russia won with 3 – 1 Russia Deaf and Youth Chess Team Russia respectively. The raising star of the disabled chess Danil Khayrullin of Russia with ELO 1328 has overplayed his fellow opponent from Germany Stefan Krause with ELO 1944.
After three rounds of the 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship in Dresden, the Deaf Poland is leading with 9.5 points, followed by IPCA Russia with 9 points and Team Hungary with 7.5 points./
Let’s see how which team can keep the energy till the end of the competition and become the FIDE World Team Champion for the Disabled!


1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship for Disabled 2018

DSC 4382 1. Zug durch Thomas LutherThe 1st FIDE World Team Chess Championship for Disabled 2018 started today on 15 October in Wyndham Garden Hotel Dresden, Germany. The event is organized by Dresdner Schachfestival Dresden e. V. under the auspices of FIDE. Dr. Jordan, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and his team have successfully organized the World Chess Olympiad back in 2008 in Dresden as well as other chess competition of senior and disabled formats in Germany.
The FIDE Observer of the tournament is Thomas Luther.
Here is what he replied to the question “Why do we need competitions for people with disabilities” at the 2nd FIDE World Junior Championship for the Disabled: “Special care for all chess players is a motto of the events for disabled players. They feel supported and understood. Here we have nice playing conditions that help players deal with the complexities of the competition.”
The first edition of the team championship gathered 9 teams from 4 participating federations. Germany is presented with three teams: DGSV 1920 e.V with blind and deaf chess players, Deutschland Jugend and Niedersachsen team with different kinds of disability. Other teams are from Russia (IPCA, Russia Deaf, Russia Women Deaf and Russian Youth Team), Hungarian mixed team with deaf and blind chess players and Polish deaf participants. This year’s competition is marked with two junior teams from Germany and Russia.
The Captains’ meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Dr. Dirk Jordan who greeted representatives of the teams and introduced the team: Chief Arbiter, Social program coordinator, FIDE Observer and other arbiters.
Chief Arbiter Egmont Poenisch briefed captains on the regulations of the competition.
The team compositions were confirmed and the drawing of lots was conducted.
On the same day the Opening Ceremony took place. It was started by Dr. Dirk Jordan who later on gave the floor to Thomas Luther who warmly greeted the participants and wished them luck.
The IPCA President Svetlana Gerasimova thanked the organizers for the unique opportunity for all disabled chess players to compete in the World Team competition for the world chess title.
The magic show by famous magician Andreas Roethig was to continue the Opening Ceremony. It made the start of the event special.
The first round started right after the Opening ceremony. The former World Chess Champion for the Disabled IM Andrey Obodchuk of Russia, the current World Junior Chess Champion for the Disabled FM Ilia Lipilin of Russia, the President of IPCA Svetlana Gerasimova and other strong chess players are going to make the first moves.
DSC 4242 Dr. Dirk Jordan begrusst die TeilnehmerDSC 4253 Captain of Polish Team KopieDSC 4257 Chief Arbiter Egmont Poenisch KopieDSC 4264 Drawing of Lots KopieDSC 4271 Team Niedersachsen KopieDSC 4297 GM Thomas Luther im Interview mit dem Dresden Fernsehen KopieDSC 4320 Begrussung durch Thomas Luther als Reprasentant der FideDSC 4331 Swetlana Gerasimova President IPCADSC 4334 Teilnehmer der EroffnungDSC 4336 Yulia Turkeeva Team Russis DEafDSC 4341 Zauberer Andreas RothigDSC 4351 Steffi Kassandra mit Zauberer Andreas Rothig