This scheme is funded by tax money based on the public budget passed by Saxon State Parliament.


First move of the WCCD 2015
Frauenkirche Dresden, Church of Our Lady
Nigel Freeman

World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

Round 3 - 8th October 2017

DSC 8362 Phillip Gardner President ICCDThe volunteers and the organisational team got together for the traditional picture before the start of Round 3. Holger Mende, treasurer of the ICCD made the ceremonial first move on the 1st Board to start the 3rd round. This round saw a lot of hard fought games and long games. Lot of the games were yet again decisive again – only 6 draws in 36 games. In the overall ranking there are currently only 4 players without any points. Therefore, some sort of decision can only be expected after a few more rounds.






DSC 8302 Team WCCD Arbiter VolunteersDSC 8312 Zoltan Raibl ICCD HungaryDSC 8322 First move by Holger Mende Treasurer ICCDDSC 8323 IM Andrej Obodchuk DSC 8326 Ryszard Suder IBCA PolandDSC 8333 Denis Palin IPCA RussiaDSC 8334 Stanislav Babarykin IBCA RussiaDSC 8337 IM Piotr Dukaczewski IBCA PolandDSC 8338 GM Marcin Tazbir IBCA PolandDSC 8339 Manuela Mekus IPCA GermanyDSC 8344 Hosien Khalilabadegan IBCA Germany

2nd Round - 7th October 2017

With the start of Round 2 all teams have been registered and we now have a total of 15 teams that have formed. Yet again, we some very interesting match ups on the boards. Amongst the players we have two reigning World Champions. FM Raphael Zimmer of Germany is the new Junior World Champion for the Disabled. He gained his title at the 1st Junior World Chess Championship for the Disable in Orlando, USA this year in June 2017. The second one is Bulat Kabyzhanov of Kazakhstan, the current blind and deaf World Chess Champion. He won his game again Bulgarian IM Rasim Nizam.

Whilst IPCA President Zbigniew Pilimon is only here to support his players the ICCD President, Phillip K Gardner, is participating himself. Despite having trouble in getting to Dresden he is enjoying the opportunity of practising his moves.


DSC 8177 Tserenjav Tumenbayar aus der MongolaiDSC 8205 IPCA President Zbigniew Pilimon First moveDSC 8211 Volunteer Vincent Laskov IM Piotr DukaczewskiDSC 8213 Bulat Kabyzhanov mit Volunteer Katheryna ZhuralyovaDSC 8216 Andrei Obudchuk Rusland IPCADSC 8223 Ruslan Draganov Tomasz Miozga mit Kar Yan WongDSC 8227 Audietya Pamarti Indien

Opening Ceremony

Hard to believe that two years have gone by that fast and the time for the 3rd World Chess Championship for the Disabled has come.

The 5th October 2017 saw the Opening Ceremony of this ground-breaking tournament take place in Dresden, Germany. 70 players from 11 federations on 3 continents are competing. Dr Dirk Jordan was leading through the programme. Thomas Luther, the chairman of the disabled commission of FIDE, welcomed the participants on behalf of FIDE, highlighting the importance of this particular tournament. He also elaborated on the developments within chess for the Disabled since the last world championship in 2015. Dignitaries and representative of the Saxon State as well as the city of Dresden were present.

Jamie Kenmure, one of the Deputy Arbiters, had the honour of declaring the tournament opened. FM Raphael Zimmer, the newly crowned Junior World Chess Champion for the Disabled, of Germany was responsible for drawing the lots.

The Stadtsportbund (city sports league) presented a little programme with cycle acrobatics and skipping ropes.

The next few days will certainly see a some great games and a warm atmosphere within the playing hall.


DSC 7971 Dr. Dirk Jorden begrust die TeilnehmerDSC 8023 FahnenkinderDSC 8031 GM Thomas Luthers EroffnungsredeDSC 8058 Sportshow des SSB DresdenDSC 8063 Holger Mende ICCD TreasurerDSC 8067 Zbigniew Pilimon President IPCADSC 8089 Jamie Kenmure FideDSC 8091 Lars Kluger. Gunnar Krisch Dr

Round 1 - 6th October 2017

The first round was off to a great start. After everyone settled in, got their volunteer helpers by their side Dr Dirk Jordan welcomed everyone and the clocks were started. GM Thomas Luther, chairman of the FIDE Disabled Commission, made the ceremonial first move on the first board; FM Raphael Zimmer (Germany) against FM Stanislav Babarykin (Russia).

With 10 female players amongst the 70 players there were a few interesting games going on. Quite unexpectedly Jerzy Strzelecki of Poland won his game against IM Dmitrij Scerbin of Russia, along with a few more upsets. Only 4 draws made it a very decisive round which provided some great chess. With most of the rounds over by around 3pm the players had a chance to go over their games, as well as still have time to venture out and see something of Dresden.


DSC 8100 Schiedsrichter IA Daniel Fuchs weist die Volunteers einDSC 8110 Es geht losDSC 8118 GM Thomas Luther macht den symbolischen 1. ZugDSC 8129 Volunteer Kar Yan Wong assistiert Valentin MalyugaDSC 8130 GM Thomas LutherDSC 8134 Maciej Szalko IM Rasim NizamDSC 8138 Ljubov Kireeva Viktor VareshkinDSC 8139 Svetlana Gerasimove Russia IPCA


Regulations 2017


III. World Chess Championship for Disabled 

pdfRegulations German as PDF, pdfRegulations Englisch


We are honored to carry out the World Chess Championship for Disabled from the 05th October to the 13th October 2017 in Dresden under the patronage of the FIDE.


ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V.
Oskar-Mai-Straße 6,
D-01159 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0)351 416 1629
Fax: +49 (0)351 416 16 39
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The tournament takes place on a biennial basis (2013 – 2015 – 2017 – 2019) and the first three editions are hosted by the ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V. (the Organizer).


The competition is an event only for disabled chess players and each world association (ICCD, IPCA, IBCA) regulates the conditions of participation. It will be held as an individual open Tournament with a separate team ranking.

The teams may represent a national federation or any regional structure of a national federation. All the players must be members of the same federation, however this rule is void if all the members of the team are rated under 2100 or unrated. A registered player must be approved by his/her association or by the Chairman of the Disabled Commission of the FIDE.

Each team consists of four players. A provisional naming of the players has to be given together with the registration of the team. Changes in the team can be made until the technical meeting.

Tournament Hall

Wyndham Garden Dresden
Wilhelm-Franke-Straße 90
01219 Dresden

Telephone: +49 (0)351 21 77 74 02
Telefax: +49 (0)351 21 77 74 99


Thursday, 05. October 2017 16:00 - 17:30 Personal Registration
  18:00 Opening Ceremony
  ca. 19:30 Technical Meeting, Drawing
Friday, 06. October 2017 09:30 1. Round
Saturday, 07. October 2017 09:30 2. Round
Sunday, 08. October 2017 09:30 3. Round
Monday, 09. October 2017 09:30 4. Round
Tuesday, 10. October 2017 09:30 5. Round
Wednesday, 11. October 2017   Free day
Thursday, 12. October 2017 09:30 6. Round
Friday, 13. October 2017 09:30 7. Round
  16:00 Closing Ceremony


Number of Rounds

The competition will be played as a 7 rounds Swiss tournament. There will be one free day.

Time Control
90 min/40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move/from move one. The waiting period is 15 minutes.

Arrangements for a draw must not occur before the 30th move unless the arbiter comes to a different decision.

Organization Team

Director of the Tournament: Dr. Dirk Jordan (IO, FA)
Tournament Manager Yvonne Ledfuß
Chief Arbiter of the Tournament: Egmont Pönisch (IA)


Titles and Prizes

The winner obtains the title:

“World Chess Champion for Disabled 2017”

In the three kinds of disablements the winner obtains the title:


physically disabled “World Chess Championship for Disabled – Winner of Physically Disabled Section 2017” Gehörlose “World Chess Championship for Disabled – Winner of Deaf Section 2017” Blinde “World Chess Championship for Disabled – Winner of Braille Section 2017"


In the team competition:

“World Chess Team Champion of Disabled 2017”

The winners shall obtain gold, silver and bronze medals provided by the organizer.


The ranking depends on the number of points each player has reached. The rules of the ranking concerning a tie will be announced during the Technical Meeting.

Entry fee

€ 50 per player.
Registering and/or receiving payment of the entry fee after the 15th of September 2017 a late registration fee of 20,00€ will be due.
Please pay to the bank account of the ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V.,

ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V.
IBAN: DE 91 850 503 00 312 0070 105


Bank: Ostsächsische Sparkasse
Reason for payment „Entry fee Disabled and Name“.


A fee of 50€ is to be paid to the FIDE. This fee has been established on the part of the DIS of the FIDE at the 2016 congress in Baku. The FIDE fee can be paid directly to the FIDE through the national federation. Alternatively the organizers are willing to gather the fee and pay it forward to the FIDE collectively.

If the entry fee is not paid until the end of round 2, these players will not be paired in subsequent rounds.


Please find the minutes of the FIDE General Assembly and the Disabled Commission Meeting regarding the FIDE Fee under the following links:

87th FIDE Congress: General Assembly Minutes and Annexes

FIDE Commission "Chess for Disabled" - Minutes of Meeting in Tallinn


Please also pay attention to points 15.2 to 15.4 of the General Regulations for FIDE Competitions.

1 D 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions 14.

2 D 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions 15.1

3 D 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions 19.


You get the ordered accommodations in Wyndham Garden Dresden (4-star-hotel in a good location) for a special chess fare:

Price per Personincl. breakfast
Double room € 38,50
Single room € 62,00


Dinner is 20,00 € per Person including mineral water.

The bill has to be paid on the day of arrival at the reception of the hotel.


Arrival and Departure, Airport Dresden to the Wyndham Garden and back or to other handicapped accessible hotels will be arranged on request by the organizers to a reasonable price.

Social Program

Touristic events will be organized.


Registrations have to be submitted through the national federations or through organizations affiliated with the FIDE (IBCA, ICCD, IPCA).
The complete registration form must include the surname/s, first name/s, FIDE ID number, FIDE rating and passport number (for visa only purpose) of each player and each accompanying person.

Entry forms must be sent by email to the Organizing Committee not later than
September 15th 2017.

The organizer would like to ask for a preregistration until July 31st 2017.


ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V., Oskar-Mai-Straße 6, D-01159 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0)351 416 1629
Fax: +49 (0)351 416 16 39
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Mistakes and modifications reserved, Dresden, 10.02.2017)
If in doubt the English version of the regulations will apply.