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First move of the WCCD 2015
Drawing of lots

4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities

3rd Day of Play at the starting today at 12:00 UTC


Similar to the first round the second round brought mainly decisive games, with the top board results as anticipated.

Jessica Lauser from the US drew her game against Polish WFM Anna Stolarczyk. Jessica lives with retinopathy, impacting her vision, and she spoke to CNN about the importance of chess in her life, highlighting how the game is an equaliser.

After 2 rounds the top spots on the leaderboard are currently taken by some of the strongest players in the field but there are also some lesser known names amongst those sitting on 2 points right now, like Audietya Aazadh Parmathi of India whose ELO rating of 1404 is significantly lower than the other participants in the running on first place. We also have Ganbataar Tuvshinbataar of Mongolia as the only none ELO rated player amongst those with 2 points. Those are only some of the names that will be worth watching over the next rounds. 

Chess 24 is also broadcasting the games live from 12:00 UTC, making it even easier to follow all the action! Amongst the 115 games paired for today's round we are likley to see some interesting games.