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Nigel Freeman
Drawing of lots
Opening ceremony

4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities

Another interesting round with decisive games - with more expected today!


After 5 rounds of play only 3 players are left with a perfect score of 5 which means that the top board game today will be certainly one to watch as we will have FM Ilja Lipilin play against FM Stanislav Babarykin, who both currently have a clean score. To see the results of all of yesterday's games have a look on Tornelo, where you can also find all the pairings for today.


Whilst Indian player Samarth J Rao's game yesterday against Russian Sergey Serebryakov didn't quite go in his favour he has taken part in quite a few tournaments over the past years and last year Dora Martinez spoke with Samarth and his father about overcoming challenges and how chess has been part of his life for a long time. We wish him all the best against his game today against Mohd Azanni Ahmad from Malaysia.