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Drawing of lots
Nigel Freeman

4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities

4th FIDE World Chess Championship for People with Disabilities


Banner for TournamentThe International Chess Federation FIDE is excited to announce the 4th FIDE World Chess Championship for People with Disabilities, which will be held from 4-14 November 2021. This year the championship, organised by Dresdner Schachfestival e.V. under the auspices of FIDE, will take place online due to continuous Covid-19 restrictions across the world.



The 9-round Swiss tournament with 45 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move, starting from the first move, is an individual competition with an additional team ranking. The winners will earn the titles of “World Chess Champion for Disabled 2021” in the individual ranking and “World Chess Team Champion for Disabled 2021” in the team competition.

The first round kicks off on November 05, 2021; the winners will be determined after the last round, played on November 13. The official Closing Ceremony of the event is scheduled for November 14, 2021.


Registration is until 1st November 2021. The full regulations can be found here.


Schedule - all times are in UTC:


Thursday, 04 November                     12:00 Opening Ceremony

                                                          Technical Meeting, Drawing and test round

Friday, 05 November                          12:00 Round 1

Saturday, 06 November                      12:00 Round 2

Sunday, 07 November                        12:00 Round 3

Monday, 08 November                       12:00 Round 4

Tuesday, 09 November                      12:00 Round 5

Wednesday, 10 November                  12:00 Round 6

Thursday, 11 November                     12:00 Round 7

Friday, 12 November                          12:00 Round 8

Saturday, 13 November                      12:00 Round 9

Sunday, 14 November                        12:00 Closing Ceremony