This scheme is funded by tax money based on the public budget passed by Saxon State Parliament.


Frauenkirche Dresden, Church of Our Lady
Nigel Freeman
Opening ceremony

4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities

3rd round 1st WTCD 2018


Some impressions from the 3rd round:

DSC 4482 Dr. Jordan begrusst Stephan Pohler Behindertenbeauftragter SachsensDSC 4492 1. Zug mit Stephan Pohler Behindertenbeauftragter Sachsens DSC 4496 Jerzy Strzelecki Poland DeafDSC 4500 Chief Arbiter Egmont PonischDSC 4501 Alexey Petrov Russia DeafDSC 4504 Ilia Lipilin IPCA RussiaDSC 4506 Dora Kajtar Team HungaryDSC 4508 Istvan Vojan Team HungaryDSC 4513 IM Andrei Obodchuk IPCA RussiaDSC 4515 IM Dmitrij Scerbin IPCA RussiaDSC 4516 Ljubov Kireeva Russia Women DeafDSC 4517 WIM Olga Gerasimova Russia Women DEafDSC 4518 Mariusz Cwiek Poland DeafDSC 4525 Team PolandDSC 4527 Uwe Ritter Team NiedersachsenDSC 4531 Sven Hagemann Team NiedersachsenDSC 4534 Valeria Panina Russia Women DeafDSC 4538 Stefan Krause Danil KhayrullinDSC 4539 Stefan Krause DGSV 1920 eDSC 4542 Viktoria Cseke Hungary