World Chess Championship for Disabled 2017 - Dresden

6th Round - 12th October 2017


With almost a third of all of today's games ending in a draw the tournament remains exciting until the last day! Marcin Tazbir remains on the top of the leader board on 5.5. Both Oliver Mueller of Germany and Alexey Pakhomov of Russia are currently behind on 5 points. It has been an exciting tournament so far and it remains just this until the last day as the main decisions are still outstanding.

Our guest of honour welcoming everyone and making the first move was Ms Barbara Klepsch. She is the state minister for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. She even brushed up on her chess knowledge the night before and was very impressed with the tournament. Herself and her assistant spent quite some time walking amongst the players looking at their games. What an honour to have such high ranking officials amongst the supports of Chess for the Disabled here in Saxony!

DSC 8606 Gunther Kaden Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch Katrin Dresler DSC 8612 Gruswort von Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch DSC 8616 First move by State Minister of Social Affairs Barbara Klepsch DSC 8620 Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch an Brett 1 Viktor Varezhkin Ilia Lipilin DSC 8631 Katrin Dresler Prof. Dr. Jurgen Kluners DSC 8632 Ilia Lipilin IPCA Russia DSC 8634 Dr. Dirk Jordan Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch Yvonne Ledfus DSC 8639 Krzysztof Jurkiewicz Ljubov Kireeva DSC 8640 Krzysztof Checiak ICCD Poland Zoltan Raibl ICCD Hungary DSC 8641 Oldest player, Josef Hanio of Germany DSC 8646 Reinhold Rippberger IBCA Germany DSC 8650 Phillip Gardner sign interpreter Andrea Rosiger DSC 8662 Dieter Riegler und Volunteer Etienne Patzold DSC 8664 Frank Schellmann IBCA Germany Volunteer Maximilian Polishchuk DSC 8669 Tomasz Miozga IM Dmitrij Scerbin DSC 8672 Istvan Vojan Andrey Tersinsev DSC 8674 Yvonne Ledfus Dr. Dirk Jordan Staatsministerin Barbara Klepsch DSC 8687 Tabellen und Ansetzungen in Rollstuhlfahrerhohe DSC 8601 Jarno Scheffner