World Chess Championship for Disabled 2017 - Dresden

2nd Round - 7th October 2017


With the start of Round 2 all teams have been registered and we now have a total of 15 teams that have formed. Yet again, we some very interesting match ups on the boards. Amongst the players we have two reigning World Champions. FM Raphael Zimmer of Germany is the new Junior World Champion for the Disabled. He gained his title at the 1st Junior World Chess Championship for the Disable in Orlando, USA this year in June 2017. The second one is Bulat Kabyzhanov of Kazakhstan, the current blind and deaf World Chess Champion. He won his game again Bulgarian IM Rasim Nizam.

Whilst IPCA President Zbigniew Pilimon is only here to support his players the ICCD President, Phillip K Gardner, is participating himself. Despite having trouble in getting to Dresden he is enjoying the opportunity of practising his moves.


DSC 8177 Tserenjav Tumenbayar aus der MongolaiDSC 8205 IPCA President Zbigniew Pilimon First moveDSC 8211 Volunteer Vincent Laskov IM Piotr DukaczewskiDSC 8213 Bulat Kabyzhanov mit Volunteer Katheryna ZhuralyovaDSC 8216 Andrei Obudchuk Rusland IPCADSC 8223 Ruslan Draganov Tomasz Miozga mit Kar Yan WongDSC 8227 Audietya Pamarti Indien