4th FIDE World Chess Championships for People with Disabilities

3 rounds to go - every half point will matter


After 6 rounds played only one participant is left on 6 points - Russian FM Stanislav Babarykin. But he is closely followed by 5 players on 5.5 points and a number on 5 points - so a lot can still happen over the remaining 3 rounds. Remember, you can can follow all the action on all boards live on Chess 24.

With players from 44 different countries we've put a map together to actually give you a feel for how far apart in the world some of the participants are - yet they are all united through the love of chess! There is also an age difference of almost 60 years between the youngest and oldest player which shows how inclusive the game is. GM Thomas Luther, the chairman of the FIDE DIS commission spoke (Interview in German) about this inclusivity a few years ago, the transcript in English is also available.


map with pins in the nations where the players are coming from